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Born in 1991. Lives and works in Milano.

I create pieces that are characters or figures that draw inspiration from pre-existing myths and symbols but not completely specified. I’m fascinated by the fact that some moral or ethical needs typical of mankind have not changed over time and their translation into symbols or idol not far from their primordial representation. I use natural materials like wood, but also synthetic materials like resin and plexiglass, natural process and craft process compare with technological and industrial process bring back this fetishes to the present, or if we prefer in the contemporary. 

Exhibition and Workshop

SUV, BSMNT, curated by PANE Project, Leipzig
First I Have To Put My Face On
, Like a Little Disaster, curated by Christina Gigliotti, Polignano a Mare

Jollies, Officina 500, curated by Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Torino
Paradise on Mars, OJ Art Space, curated by Erdem Çetrez, Istanbul
Kodomo No Hi, Sonnenstube, Lugano

Bubble Tea, Boba Bubble Tea Bar, curated by PANE project, Milano
Academy Awards 2015, Viafarini, Milano
Reading Group Animale in collaboration with Giada Carnevale and the partecipation of Leonardo Caffo, Viafarini, Milano

Treasure Town, personal exhibition, Iridescent in Void project, Milano
Salon, Universita Bicocca, Milano
2008 daughters’ workshop at tileprojectspace for POLE POLE, a project by Derek Di Fabio, Milano


Co-founder of /77 artist-run-project.