My work is focus on the public interaction with their imagination and feelings.

I use tools as the creation of avatar, fictional character, objects that inhabit the space, in order to fascinate and tickle the viewer. In my works public’s
personal memories come into action in order to create different possible stories.
In my drawings, sculptural installations and objects, I combine aggressive and repulsive elements and, through them, I invite the viewers to deepen
their feelings, facing different emotions such as anxiety, stress and uncertainty, marking the rhythm of time’s passage.

I often dissects objects, removing them from their contexts, to carefully arrange them in sensual and poetic compositions in the space. The realms
are imbued with a slight sense of violence, a feeling that characterizes the nowadays society: experiencing her work, the viewer is therefore
encouraged to think about the contemporary condition.

Using natural materials like wood and iron, but also synthetic ones like resin and plexiglass, I wanto to create erotic and unique works in which the
industrial shininess underlines their crafty quality.

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